How can I manage my custom domain and set up DNS?

Domains Management

You can manage your connected custom domains under the “Domains” menu. You can view their DNS status and connection date, as well as delete and view DNS settings details.
By clicking on the “DNS” button, you can view more details and learn how to set up DNS records.The table displays some information that needs to be configured.
You can find more detailed information below:

DNS Setup

Domain Name System (DNS) allows web browsers to translate domains into websites. Some important DNS settings can be configured for your owned domains. These include:
    • A record: The IP address of the domain.
    • CNAME record: Used for any subdomains.
We use the CNAME type because it is generally more stable.Setting Your DNS to LinksGPT’s IP, the general process is as follows:
    1. Log in to your domain registrar’s website.
    2. Select the domain you want to modify.
    3. Find the section that manages DNS entries. The name of this section may vary depending on the provider, but it is usually similar to DNS configuration, DNS records, or advanced DNS.
    4. Edit the existing CNAME record of your site to point to LinksGPT’s DNS value.
Once you’ve configured your DNS settings and you’ve ensured that the correct A Records have been created, you’re ready to link your Custom Domain to your LinksGPT account.

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